Do you think William is actually Fox and Dana's BIOLOGICAL son or is he a product of alien insemination/government testing? The uncertainty always got to me, so why not ask the best x-files tumblr there is?

imageHe is their biological son, they answered it in the Season 8 finale.

I really don’t understand why they even had that whole plot, I never considered it an option, I was just like haha Chris Carter you funny, but if I did take it more seriously I can see how it would seem William is half alien or all alien, who knows. Scully’s doc was pretty shady but I thought it didn’t work. 

I have a head canon about it, ok so what I think happened is the doc planned to give scully an alien baby but you know how in per manum it failed, that was the doc trying to implant the alien. So after that Mulder and Scully had the sex, like all the time, multiple times and she got pregnant. They were having sex before that but you know what I mean. Oh jesus Mulder and Scully having sex, just the idea of that is so hot to me, best thing to ever happen in the universe I mean, gawd what is that even like? No but I think William was/is special as a result of the implant Scully had and Mulder had all that weird stuff happening with the rubbing so he is a little special too no? But anything is possible, I mean why did the aliens want to see him born? What was that? They were acting as if he was family or their leader. Maybe they didn’t get the memo that it failed or maybe they just wanted to see for themselves.  Thats why they all left, like ok then human baby nothing to see here. But what do I know, nothing I know nothing. 

13 December
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