i loooooove your blog! do you have gifs of David from his movie called Trust the Man? he's just simply adorable there.

Thannnnnnk you! I don’t sorry. I can try and gif it but it might be awhile, I promised ppl gifs and I would need to watch the movie first. Maybe someone else does though…you can ask, dargina, rebel901 or lebeeson 

New Years resolution….post/blog more David Duchovny and gif all the non shipper stuff.

11 December
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#anon #answers [1] #WTH how is it i only have 9 pages in my duchovny tag #i feel like a post him more than that #why did no one tell me good lord #i know i didnt always post him because i had a blog for him but that was like 2 years ago #wow i suck


  1. mulder-itsme said: i have that movie on my computer if you like&i can help u in gifing it when i come back :D also, your resolution is good&the David thing, it’s probably because of your david blog u used to post A LOT there, so you can just reblog yourself from there!
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